Processor Development
From Planing to Prototyping

De Gruyter Oldenbourg-Verlag, 2015, 433 pp., 2nd ext edition
ISBN: 978-3-11-040296-4
e-ISBN (PDF): 978-3-11-040305-3
e-ISBN (ePUB): 978-3-11-040309-1

Author’s Affiliation: University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt/ Main

This book provides an introduction to the design of processors and digital systems. The emphasis is on teaching good fundamentals for the design of digital systems with a focus on processor development. Each processor module is modeled step by step to an operational 12-bit CPU. The processor design is realized using the hardware description language HDL. All HDL models are clearly described. The basic model of 12-bit CPU developed in the book is gradually extended to a 16-bit processor. The principle of pipelining and its realization is treated in detail as well.
The processor models can be processed and tested using CAD software.

The book allows the reader the development of processors and their adaptation to specific applications. These are known as application specific processors (ASPs). Thus a gap is closed between the pure processor developers on the one hand side and the developers of analog and digital systems on the other hand side. The latter develop e.g. intelligent measurement systems, which need the processor for their applications. Using programmable logic and FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array), the reader becomes enabled to develop complex circuits, to test them and to produce prototypes. Basic knowledge of digital technology and of sequential logic (automation) is expected. Proficiency in using hardware description languages (VHDL, Verilog) would be an advantage, but is not required, as an introduction is given in VHDL.

Basics in processor development and digital systems.
The 12-bit microprocessor system (MPU12_S).
Modeling the 12-bit processor system.
The 16-bit microprocessor system (MPU16A_S).
Modeling the 16-bit processor system.
The extended 16-bit microprocessor system (MPU16B_S).
The principle of pipelining.

Memory models.                                                                                                            Test methods of digital circuits with various examples.